Concrete Placement

Concrete is a highly durable and sustainable building material. It solidifies and hardens when mixed with water.The whole process is referred as Hydration of Concrete. The water reacts with the cement which bonds the other components together forming a stone like tough material. The placement of concrete is very vital process. It determines the success and durability of the structure. So, it’s essential to take some precautions during concrete placement on the formwork.

Concrete Placing Precautions

#1. The surface or formwork which will get the fresh concrete should be cleaned properly, well prepared and watered.

#2. It is better to deposit concrete as near as feasible to its final position.

#3. The large amount of concrete should not be deposited at a time; this let the concrete flow along the formwork and ultimately results in uniform composition.

#4. Concrete should be dropped vertically from a reasonable height. In case of vertical laying, care should be taken to use stiff mix.

#5. Concrete should be deposited in horizontal layer of height about 150 mm. The layers may be of 400 mm to 500 mm height for mass concrete. The accumulation of excess water in upper layer is referred as Laitance and it must be prevented using shallow layers with stiff mix or by putting dry batches of concrete to absorb the excess water.

#6. As far as possible, concrete should be placed in single thickness. Concrete should be placed in successive horizontal layers in the case of deep sections and should be cared properly in order to develop strong bonds between successive layers.

#7. The concrete should be systematically worked around the reinforcement and tapped in such a way that no honeycombed surface appears on removal of the formwork.

#8. Concrete must be placed on the formwork as early as possible.

#9. During placement of the concrete, it should be seen that all edges and corners of concrete surface remains continuous, sharp and straight in line.

#10. The placement of concrete should be carried out constantly between construction joints.

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